Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hell’s Gate National Park


In early June the entire 7th grade class piled into a bus and drove down very dusty roads to Hell’s Gate National Park.  Hell’s Gate is Kenya’s most geothermally active park and after arriving we were met with plumes of steam, high rock cliffs, and eroded river beds. Our assignment for the day was to supervise the students as they took part in repelling, rock climbing, and hiking.



Thankfully a handful of adventurous RVA staff members were already trained for the task of leading the students through each challenge. This meant our role was to encourage the kids as they put their fears aside and tried something new, to take pictures, and to make sure we didn’t lose anybody!



After some intense repelling and climbing, we hiked the gorge and marveled at the awesome power of water. The kids traversed through the gorge floor’s slippery, slime-covered rocks effortlessly.  And we, well we traversed as well, just with a bit more caution and a whole lot slower.



We arrived back on campus late in the day exhausted but thinking, “What a great job!”